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Volume 94, n. 1, 2023

L. Orlando, et al.Virtual reality for the analysis and visualization of scientific numerical models
L. Daricello, et al.Extended reality technologies for public engagement and skills development
G. Inchingolo et al.Into the (un)known: a Science Art journey of the Cosmos Data
A. MangioneThe contribution of the complexity of virtual disaster scenarios in potential tools for crisis and risk management
F. TerminiMTT-VR/AR (Virtual and Immersive Transformative Therapeutic Metaphors) in stress treatment: the evolution of cybertherapy
G. Lo Bosco, et al.Immersive Virtual Reality for Cultural Heritage Exploration
A. Scianna, et al.Technological evolution for accessibility to cultural heritage: the opportunity of the Interreg I-ACCESS project
L. Leonardi, et al.Augmented and Virtual Reality for the enhancement of Cultural Heritage: Methodologies and good practices
R. Corrao, et al.iHERITAGE Project: AR/VR for the enhancement and accessibility of the norman architecture of the Unesco site of Palermo
S. Buonocore, et al.Digital Twin, from Industry to Cultural Heritage
L. Leonardi, et al.Augmented Interaction: bringing geography, history and art to life
S. Varano, et al.New Technologies and Inclusion
A. Augello, et al.VITE I Conference: Contributes in the frame of a Human Augmentation Space
L. Leonardi, et al.Virtual and Augmented Reality in Education Technology
M. Farella, et al.The AR technologies in educational processes. The PBIS use case
C. Mineo, et al.Edge robotics and emerging platforms with sensing and human interaction capabilities
M. Sandri, et al.Educational robotics as a powerful tool to create motivate activities in educational environment
M. Sandri, et al.The International Astrophysical Online Code Hunting Game and the Astrophysical Cody Maze
L. GiacominiEduINAF: new wor(l)ds to communicate
A. Guidazzoli, et al.Communicating Quantum Computing